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Where To Find A Reliable Office Rubbish Removal Company?

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Office rubbish removal is pretty much like residential rubbish removal. All things have their place when they aren’t being used, or are no longer required, and can be taken away by a local rubbish removal company. The difference between office and residential rubbish removal is that office rubbish removal tends to be done on a larger scale, although this is not always the case.

If you have old computers or other officer furniture that are no longer used, or you want to carry out a whole office clearance, you just need to give office rubbish contractors a call. Another reason that might necessitate reaching out to reputable office rubbish contractors is when you have large-scale or even minor office clean ups.

Your office time is precious and you shouldn’t waste it on helping move out desks that are no longer being used out on the street. Let this be handled by a reputable office rubbish removal company. They not only save you time but do a professional job that will leave you completely satisfied. Also, your employees don’t need to stop what they were doing to do something that you can outsource a quality rubbish removal company to do.

There is no point wasting valuable company time removing rubbish or unwanted items to recycling centres. That old photocopy machine can be taken to electronics recycling depot by a top office rubbish removal contractors provider, not you or your staff!

We understand that your time is precious and it better be spent on something more productive.

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What Sort Of Rubbish Is Normally Accepted?

In general, an office rubbish company should accept pretty much everything for disposal. Most companies recycle, reuse or repurpose as many used items as possible. You can generally rest assured that all the office rubbish that you have will be accepted for rubbish removal.


Below is a list for items that are acceptable:

  • Office furniture

  • Paper, Cardboard, and Metal

  • Large and even small appliances

  • Filing cabinets

  • Carpets

  • Binders

  • Glass

  • Office electronics

  • Plastic


It’s always advisable to call a professional team, especially where you have specific requirements. If you have products that require removing but are not in the list above, don’t fret. Just call our company and you can be sure that they will always make room or adjustment for your particular type of equipment.

However, most rubbish removers won’t remove waste items that are dangerous for instance paint cans, batteries, gasoline, oil drums or chemicals. That would need a special service. If you are unsure just give us a call and we will tell you what we can or can’t take.

Are All Office Rubbish Removal Companies The Same?

Not in the least. No two companies can be exactly identical.
So you shouldn’t just hire the first office rubbish removal company you stumble upon.
There are a lot of factors that you need to take into account before you hire a company to take away your rubbish.
They include the following:

    It’s important that the company you hire is licensed and authorised to carry out this type of service in your area.


    Being licensed and insured means that the company has met all the necessary requirements and can safely dispose of your office waste.


    Today, there are many briefcase companies that just opened shop recently and can be gone in no time. If you want a thorough job done on your office, it’s crucial that you tick to a company that’s been around for some years.

    Look for a company who are office rubbish removal specialists. Office rubbish removal may have the same concept like residential rubbish removal but the truth is that there is a world of difference between the two contractors. Residential rubbish removal companies often deal with smaller waste or rubbish and therefore don’t need specialised equipment.


    Before you hire a company to remove your office rubbish, you must check to see the level of their customer service.


    The company needs to have more ways of contacting them and not just one mode. Check out their website to ensure that the information there is up to date.


    When hiring a company that offers office rubbish removal, it’s important that you check their reputation because well-regarded companies are more reliable and often provide high-quality services.


    After making the request, the company should be able to arrange for the service in a matter of hours. This is one of our specialities – prompt service.


    While undoubtedly important, affordability should not be the only reason you choose a rubbish removal provider. As well as affordability, you need to insist on quality service.


    Choose quality over budget at all times, to ensure your rubbish is disposed of legally and ethically.

In general, you need to do your own research before you hire any company.
The company you choose should care about your waste. It should be environmentally conscious in the sense that it helps divert millions of tonnes of wastes from landfills each year.
It needs to get rid of your rubbish and at the same time save you money and protect our environment.
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A few frequently asked questions about 
office rubbish removal in Sydney....

We're moving office should we hire an Office Rubbish Removal Professional?

As an employee or an office manager, there are several benefits that you stand to get when you hire a office rubbish removal company. Firstly, you don’t have to get involved in this work but you can spend your time on more important tasks of the company. You just have to sit back and watch professionals do their thing. This service is ideal for anyone relocating to another office or when you intend to leave your old office for a larger one.

You and your employees do not have to waste precious time combing through old binders to distinguish between paper and plastic. Through a reputable office rubbish removalist company, you have an opportunity to get your unwanted items carted away safely at a price that’s affordable. This avoids a situation where crucial company operations have to stop as you attend to rubbish removal.

Where Are Unwanted Office Materials Taken?

When you hire a good office rubbish removal company, you can rest easy knowing that rubbish will be recycled and then re-used. While other items like unwanted furniture can be rubbished or donated to charity, items like computer monitors or tires are often taken to specialised recycling facilities.

Items that can still be reused like clothing are donated as-is to charity, and only a fraction of each load is taken for dumping in landfills. You don’t have to worry because your rubbish will be handled in the most professional and eco-friendly manner.

Is It Worth It To Hire A Professional Office Rubbish Removalist?

You are probably wondering why you should pay someone to cart away your unwanted office waste. The truth is that even if you are currently not using those items in your office, they are occupying valuable space. The earlier you get sorted, the better. This will create space for other employees and even other new equipment. Remember that space is a premium commodity in most offices and it’s better organisation can bring a whole lot of difference to your bottom line.

From sorting to helping charities across Australia, there are lots of benefits that your organisation stands to gain by choosing a good office rubbish remover. They ensure safe disposal of your unwanted equipment and end up making the environment a much better place. Waste materials that can’t be reused are often recycled into new equipment down the track.

How To Book a Good Office Rubbish Removal Service?

It’s easy. You only need to give One2Dump.com.au a call.

We will ask you to provide us with a few details of what is needing removal, as well as the size of your office.

Also, you will need to tell us the time of the day you will be available.


We provide you a free estimate upon request.

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