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Bilgola Rubbish Removal

When you have spent considerable time and money on your home renovation project, the last thing you want to see is a big pile of rubbish that needs to be removed.

Tradesmen may do a fantastic job at what they are good at, such as extending a home by adding another story, or building a deck or landscaping your backyard. But when it comes time to clean up they are scarce to be found, willing or able to remove all the waste.

So what are you going to do with all that is left behind? Hire a trailer and take it to the tip yourself? Well that is one way of dealing with it, or you could hire some to provide you with a skip bin.

Both of these methods have costs involved and take up your precious time. Wouldn’t you rather be sitting by the pool, sipping your favourite bevy, and letting someone else take care of the mess?

You bet you would, but who are you going to chose for the job? What is the total cost to remove a pile of rubbish from your Bilgoloa beach home?

This customer had recently completed some home renovations and was needing to have a whole bunch of rubbish removed from their Bilgola home.

removed rubbish bilgola

Nice and clean!

After contacting several rubbish removal companies, decided to contract Josh and Kelly from One2Dump rubbish removals to take care of the final details of their home reno.

Kelly said: “The Bilgola beach, home rubbish removal customer, has done renovations and needing the rubbish removed pronoto. Super happy customer we cleaned up and disposed of the rubbish.”

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