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Getting Ready To Sell

Ok, you have gotten the idea firmly fixed in your head, “it’s time to put this property on the market”. Great.

The number of obstacles to selling property well in this turbulent real estate market can present quite the challenge.

What is it worth? Yes that is a big question these days with falling property values. The over-heating and escalating property values leading up to the market peak of July 2017 have since seen quite a reduction, somewhat closer to a realistic situation.

Many property pundits are banking on further falls to property values, as the market is still overpriced in many respects. Wages have not kept pace with property values and this is one of the sticking points that many experts are continually pointing out.

So what does this mean for when is a good time to sell? The real answer that nobody wants to hear, is “at the top of the market”!

Right it would be great to jump in your time machine and go back to July of 2017 and get top dollar for your home, but that is not possible.

So when is the next best time to sell, if you have missed the peak? Answer is a long way before it falls much further and you can bet this is going to be the case. No need for time machine to tell you this one.

If you are at the point of agreeing with me on this, and still reading, now is the time to get your property in the best possible shape for the best possible price.

One of the truest truisms when it comes to property is the old adage of “you only get one chance to make a first impression”.

True dat! If your curb appeal or street presence is poor, due to overgrown plants, lawn and trees, then you need to remedy this pronto if you are going to get the best price possible.

If you are presenting a house filled with the wrong type of furniture and overall clutter, then you need to rid of the excess.

Josh from One2Dump can help with both these needs.

Call him now on 0450 712 779 to organise a no obligation free quote. And if you are a senior then you deserve a discount. Just ask us about that when you call today, don’t delay your best price for a sale awaits you.

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