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Landscaping Up A Backyard Blitz

With these easy to follow landscaping tips, you can learn how to master the look of the perfect backyard. We will show you how to create a lawn that simply glows with vibrance, as you design your own backyard blitz. A beautiful backyard is affordable on any budget, you just have to know the right way to go about your renovation, to keep it on track to remain within the bounds of what you are prepared to spend.

How many times have you flipped through the glossy magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and thought to yourself, “Hey that looks like something I would like in my backyard”! Everybody loves to dream and when it comes to the perfect landscaped resort in your home away from home, right there in the rear of your property, nothing comes quite close to a relaxing oasis, as a yard with some kind of water feature.

Whether you want a full fledged pool, or hot tub cabana, or even down to a classically designed water feature, you are going to want to do your homework first. No point in getting all excited about that beautiful backyard with the luxury landscaped pool, if you can’t afford the final cash outlay.

Number two, is make sure everyone in the family is aligned with your plans. For some, a pool may seem like a great idea, but for others it may appear to be nothing but “yet another tiresome chore” to add to the list of things that take up your valuable home time. So start first with some pictures from the mags or a blog or two, get everyone of your stakeholders on board and signing from the same hymn book first and you are off to a pretty good start.

Next on your list is the all important budget. Makes no sense at all to conjure up a master-plan that is going to over extend the finances or at worst over capitalise on the property itself. You may find that when it comes time to sell, your investment may not return to you what you had in mind. So shore up the financial scene as a top priority, to make sure the end result is a win on both the appeal and investment fronts.

Ok, so about that lawn I mentioned a little earlier, if you can only afford to spruce up the backyard with some new greenery, then a top dressed fresh rollout of a luxurious turf, such as couch or buffalo could be just the trick if the budget is a little low. Key to making the scene green is two things.

Water supply being the first and the second is lawn feed.

Naturally the cheapest water supply you can set up for watering your lovely patch of green, is going to be the standard garden hose or sprinkler. This option is the cheapest but is also the most hands on approach. Going one step further is the timer on the garden tap, this will when setup correctly give you a reasonably good coverage of water to your lawn.

Stepping up from there, you can’t go paste the in ground or in garden watering system. These can be laid by any handy person and once installed use up no more resources than the cheaper garden sprinkler alternative. The benefit of this system is you can get much better configurations for timing, water level control and optimum settings to ensure your lawn stays well watered and not over watered in times of wetter weather.

Lawn feed or fertiliser is the final key to a nice attractive patch of green. Depending on the size of your lawn, you are going to need either a hand spreading approach for smaller lawns or a rotisserie device that will evenly distribute lawn feed over a larger area to make sure you don’t have too much of the good stuff going where it shouldn’t.

With any type of backyard makeover, you are no doubt going to end up with a lot of green waste removal to consider what to do with it. Ripping up old lawns can produce a large amount of green waste that you ideally do not want to put into your garden as mulch, as more than likely it will have some undesired guests. Yes I am talking about weeds. Neglected lawns, can be weed laden and that is the last thing you want to be putting back into your property and at the very least your lovely garden.

Tree removal may also present a nasty problem, depending on the local council rules and policies your property will be governed by. Before lopping or removing anything substantial, it is best to check with your local council website for tree lopping polices. In some cases and depending on the type of tree present, a tree may not be able to be taken out and if the tree is large enough, council approval for the species and removal process may need to be sort and applied for.

So what are you going to do with all the green waste that you end up with in your front yard or on the footpath out front? Well one solution would be put a sign on top of the heap, and try to give it away for free. Another would be to get a contractor to come and remove it with the minimum of fuss. Full size trees can be wood chipped and turned into garden cover or mulch and fill can be used as top soil or dressing. Either way you are going to need a professional approach to dealing with the excess of the backyard as access for trades people may be limiting if left in the way. And you know what that means, yep you guessed it, a higher fee from any professional trades that have to deliver, concrete, rockery, plants and scrubs, paving materials, lighting and electrical supplies. The list can be large, so it is best to have a solid plan for keeping th scene clean as your project progressed towards your backyard oasis!

So whether you are designing up a backyard to compete with the Jones or just creating a better place to enjoy a few cold beers, the best laid plans are going to be waylaid if your planning is askew. Getting some professional help where appropriate from us here at One2Dump, to clear off all that unwanted green waste, is going to be something you will thank yourself for budgeting for, especially when you pop the top of that favourite bevy, when all is said and done.

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